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Being a high achieving woman often means dealing with high levels of anxiety. It seems that there is never enough time, energy or money to do it all. Are any of these thoughts keeping you from living your best life?

We have the power to choose another way of living.

Wellfulness helps you take control of your own mind, create your own wonderful and abundant life, and finally release the anxiety and limiting beliefs that have robbed you of your happiness.

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How to set healthy boundaries without feeling like a b*tch

Personal boundaries are about respecting yourself and demanding respect from others. It’s about knowing which behaviours, from family members or colleagues at work, you are willing to tolerate and which you are not. Setting boundaries will help you feel in power and in control of yourself instead of feeling like a victim. Setting personal boundaries means to establish reasonable and safe guidelines or limits for people to behave towards you and how you would respond if someone crosses them. Read More

How to recognise and overcome your limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are formed early in our life. They come from our own experiences while learning this world. They come from society, our family and our ancestors. Today I'm going to fill you in on a few truths, and show you: How to recognise and overcome your limiting beliefs. Not all beliefs are bad ones. Some of them are useful and have helped you accomplish a lot in life already....Read More

Healing therapies: are online sessions effective?

Appointments such as those with your life coach or business coach or therapist can be done via online video link. Many people wonder if this method is efficient and works in the same way as an in-person appointment would. In our experience, this method is still highly successful for the involved parties and can have a very positive impact on you Read More..

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