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In order to reach your goals, you must first find clarity.

Sometimes, life may have you struggling because it can be challenging when trying to focus on what needs doing next — especially because there are so many possibilities out there.

When you are clear on what matters to you the most, the universe will help you put change into motion, allowing you to achieve your goal. Making decisions and taking steps towards the life will then become easier, but only to the extent you are clear.

To help yourself understand what it is that you want from this big puzzle of a life, why not try doing this little ritual:

  • Set aside a few minutes from your busy life,
  • Clean the surrounding energy with the white sage smudge stick,
  • Meditate with Selenite to with clarity, access your intuition and clear blocked energy  and
  • Take The Passion Test (available for purchase separately)

You can have a sneak peek of what The Passion Test in this FREE workbook.

Package contains:

  • 1 x white sage smudge stick
  • 1 x Selenite tumbled crystal (approx 3 cm)


Important Note: 

  • Please note that these photos are indicative only and the actual crystals you receive may slightly differ in shape, size and colour.  Crystals are approximately  3 cm in size and will be intuitively chosen for you. Crystals are a product of our Mother Earth and each of them is unique and beautiful in its own way and will often show interesting features such as inflections, grain patterns and shading. It is important to understand the unique properties of crystals; which should not be mistaken for flaws,  these items are not faulty, and refund requests will not be accepted.
  • Crystal healing doesn’t replace medical advice. It may be used as a complement to other therapies, not as a replacement for medical treatment, examination, diagnosis, or therapy.


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