Selenite is a powerful tool for activating the higher mind and opening the gateway to your intuition. It stimulates mental clarity, and enhances communication with spirit guides.

A stone of transformation, Selenite, can help you clear away negative energy from your space. It’s a good stone for meditation and spiritual work because it promotes peace and calmness.


Important Note: 

  • Crystal only. 
  • Please note that these photos are indicative only and the actual crystals you receive may slightly differ in shape, size and colour.  Crystals are approximately  3 cm in size and will be intuitively chosen for you. Crystals are a product of our Mother Earth and each of them is unique and beautiful in its own way and will often show interesting features such as inflections, grain patterns and shading. It is important to understand the unique properties of crystals; which should not be mistaken for flaws,  these items are not faulty, and refund requests will not be accepted.
  • Crystal healing doesn’t replace medical advice. It may be used as a complement to other therapies, not as a replacement for medical treatment, examination, diagnosis, or therapy.


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