Money Energy Activation Program by Linda Ho


If you are constantly feeling stressed thinking about money and thinking that money is never enough, this program is what you need.

This program helps you shift your energy and mindset around money and clear the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from feeling worthy and deserving. This program is full of easy-to-follow steps, practical tips and packed with different techniques including hypnosis for you to become a money magnet.


This program has all practices in one spot, supported by Money Energy Activation Hypnosis, Exercises, Finding Your Blocks, Working Through Your Blocks, Creating Heart Space For Money Love To Come In.


12 modules include:

  • Finding the money blocks that are holding you back
  • Working through those blocks
  • Hypnosis audio for money energy activation
  • Hypnosis audio to release negative emotions and blocks
  • Practical worksheets and exercises
  • Creating a loving space for money
  • Raise your vibrations
  • and more..

This course is for you if you are constantly worrying about money and thinking “there’s never enough money”,  “I am struggling”, “I can’t afford this”, “I always just have enough”, “I just made enough to pay my bills”. 

This course helps you shift your energy and mindset around money and clear the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from feeling worthy and deserving and give you practical tips on the steps to follow to become a money magnet.

How would it feel to know there is always enough money for you?

You are always feeling supported and backed up by the universe?

You are feeling certain that you always find a solution for what is going on for you right now? 


About the author

Linda Ho is the founder of Infinite Growth and the Money Energy Activation Program
After travelling the world and living in Europe, India, Peru, Australia and New Zealand, Linda experienced life in a wide range of situations. It was here that she began to study human interactions, cultural differences, and understand how to master the art of self-healing.
By connecting with people from all walks of life, she learned how people were influenced, what they had in common and where they needed external assistance to grow past any negative experiences.
By combining her lifelong experience of human emotion with her formal training in Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Nursing and Yoga, she created Infinite Growth with the mindset of holistically approaching each problem and client.
After going through her own struggles, where she experienced days of being so maxed out financially, that she couldn’t afford to buy food. She learned and experienced herself what it means to shift from a lack-mentality into an abundant one!
By understanding a person as a whole and discovering what holds us back inside, she has been able to help hundreds of people break through their personal boundaries, transform their money stories and release their limiting blocks!


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