Weight Management and Healthy Eating

A good diet plan, the power of your mind, the magic of crystals and the healing properties of essential oils to help you easily control your weight and acheive your healthy lifestyle goals.

Sometimes people have perceptions about losing weight, like: "it is challenging to lose weight after turning 30", or "it's impossible to lose the baby weight or "your metabolism slows down after 40" and by saying those statement, it seems like you are out of control, there's nothing you can do about it. However, when you change that perception, changing your mindset, you realise that losing weight may not require as much effort, sacrifice or deprivation as your first thought and it can be an enjoyable process. There might be underlying issues that make it difficult for you to release that weight. Whait is that weight protecting you from?

Once you get into a helpful mindset, you'll be ready to take a step forward towards your goal.

Luckily these are alternative ways to help you with this mindset shift and make a change for good.

Weight Management and Healthy Lifestyle Audios & Programs

Alternative Therapies


Hypnosis can help you reprogram the way your brain feels about food, work on the underlying causes for unhealthy habits and introduce healthy ones instead. It uses the power of visualisation to give you the confidence to stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan. Working with a hypnotherapist one on one will give you faster results as it is crafted to suit your needs. Unlike the ready made audio hypnosis, this hypnosis is made for the exact purpose the person wishes, including the precise words and phrases that mean the most to you.


Reiki means "universal life energy", it brings healing energy to the organs and glands in order to bring the body back into balance and help prevent diseases. The reiki practitioner places their hands on or just above the body to realign chakras and dissolve toxic substances from your physical and emotional being. It promotes good health and well being and can be experienced by people of all ages.