The secret behind The Law of Attraction

“The law of attraction isn’t working for me” 

“Why my manifesting is taking so long?”

“Manifesting isn’t real, it’s just wishful thinking”

Those are three phrases I often hear when I talk about The Law of Attraction and manifesting with people. To be honest, I dislike using the word “manifesting” and the term “Law of Attraction” because they sound a bit icky to me too. It makes me feel like achieving your goals or wanting a better life is something mystical, mysterious and unattainable or destined for certain kind of people only. 

Manifesting is based on a function in your brain,  not something exclusive for intuitive or psychic people, it works equally for everybody because it is enabled by the Reticular Activation System (RAS) which is the part of your brain that filters information based on your belief system as a guide to determine what’s important for you and what’s not, influencing what you focus on and impacting your behaviours and actions.

I am a financial analyst with an accounting background, believe me when I said I have analysed every aspect of manifesting thoroughly and have an explanation for each part of it. 

When you are aware that your brain is the one responsible to do the manifesting job, anything becomes a possibility, there’s no secret other than knowing exactly what you want and living in alignment.

I can’t make manifesting work for me, help

How many times you’ve followed every advice that you’ve heard and what you wanted to manifest didn’t happen. Maybe you’ve only had luck manifesting small items or a parking space in a busy car park but not the “bigger things” and the printed version of your “Universe cheque” is already yellow, if you still have it, of course, but there are no signs of the amount you wrote down there.

**** Maybe just add up all the money you received since you wrote it down and you’ll be surprise that you actually had that money, not in one chunk as you expected… (I know I did manifest that money- over 3 years, but I did!) ***

You manifest from possibility not reality

Let me give you an example: You want to manifest a trip to Bora Bora with your partner. 

Most people will look at their monthly expenses and their bank account and will say “this is impossible, there’s no way I’ll ever go to Bora Bora” but not you, because you’ve learnt that everything in this life is possible and you manifest from possibilities not from reality. So you still write this down as something to manifest.

The first step is to know how much that trip will cost, so you go online or check with a travel agent, and get a quote. You already know that anything you want is possible so you don’t  feel discouraged when you see the amount and it doesn’t agree with your current situation but you continue, we are manifesting here! 

Knowing how much money it will cost turns a wishful thought into something tangible, real and now you can start brainstorming a plan (please don’t make excuses as we usually do) on ways  you can make this trip happen for you. 

If you are woo woo, here you are sending the right signals to the universe letting it know that you are serious and ready for this. The exact how maybe is not clear yet but you made a start and you are open to receive. 

Moving on, you start listing some of those possibilities,  at least the most obvious ones:

  • Win the trip
  • Win the money
  • Start saving for the trip: Start a new revenue stream, sell some of unused stuff that are in good condition, etc

Your job is to be opened to take every opportunity that comes your way. 

Still nothing?

So it’s been a couple of months already but the trip is nowhere to be seen. You start feeling discouraged. 

“I did everything to manifest this trip but something seem not to be right. I wish upon a star,  and meditated an hour a day to win this trip. I know it works equally for everybody but it is not working for me.. I followed all the tricks I found online, I deeply wished and hoped, I felt it like it was true, I put it in my vision board, I have a picture of the hotel in Bora Bora as a screensaver, I changed all my passwords to itraveltoborabora, I felt the breeze on my face, I promise! I was close to wear my beach dresses every day and to put sand in my living room.

I even met  the universe half way and start saving for the trip,  participated in every competition to win it but I had to spend the money on something unexpected and I didn’t even come close to be the winner. Law of attraction, manifesting my a***, it doesn’t work for me!

Okay, Okay. Let’s go bit by bit

First, I will never ask anybody to meditate for that long seriously, especially if you are a mum – I consider myself lucky if I can have a shower without being interrupted –  kudos if you’ve got the time but that doesn’t work for me. I meditate to relax and keep in the flow, I implement mindfulness meditation everywhere I can, and use custom-made meditation and hypnosis audios.

Start simple: search YouTube for nice relaxation meditations, I like Brian Weiss or use an app like Insight Timer, that was suggested by intuitive coach Kristin Quattlebaum from KQ Coaching in our Facebook Group.

You did everything right! But… nothing

We all have been there! You did everything right but if the trip hasn’t happened then you have to dig a bit deeper. Most people don’t do it because it is sometimes painful to face those demons, not so much when it comes to manifesting a trip but some other stuff. If it becomes too painful, you may want to contact someone to help you through this. 

If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

– Winston Churchill

Going all in

Let’s see, ask yourself why, digging deeper either by using a mindset tool like journaling or working with a coach you discover that you have I have a fear of flying on a plane. A fear deep inside you,  embedded in your subconscious mind that you probably forgot that it was there or may not even know about it. Like my fear to have shells in my house.

The thing is that until you clear that “fear”, it  will no matter how many times you wish to go to Bora Bora, it won’t happen.  There will be always an excuse to spend the money you saved  and you won’t be the winner of the trip because your subconscious programming, that fear of flying, will sabotage all your attempts to accomplish that goal.  

Remove Obstacles

Clear fear or limiting belief  

Sometimes it is more than one limiting belief but only by clearing the more obvious one you can discover the other ones but you’ll see a big progress when you start with the first one. 

I had to work through and clear traumatic events in my life in order to progress, some other times I had to face my inner critic and learning to listen to her with attention and no judgement. 

Remove as many obstacles as possible to bring you closer to that goal and you’ll see that you’ll get what you ask for. You may win it, get pay rise or a bonus at work, have an awesome idea and start making money, a friend gifting it to you, etc. Everything is a possibility.

Everything that happens in your life serves a purpose, be patient and kind to yourself.

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