Redesign your Reality

A chat with transformational coach Jennifer Willemsen.

If you want to change your life, you may want to check what habits and behaviours that are creating your current reality and modify them to create new results.

In this interview, Jennifer Willemsen, from our team, explains why it is sometimes difficult to get a different result when we rely on our willpower or on our conscious mind and what to do instead.

We also talk about how alternative therapists change behaviours from the root itself and identify what are the beliefs that hold people back and how emotional triggers are a blessing in disguise because they help us evolve, grow and heal from within.


Jennifer: I am an intuitive life coach. And I also coach entrepreneurs. And besides that, I have my own startup. But with the coaching,  I have the ability to clear people’s limiting beliefs on a subconscious level and I can integrate new truths that is propelling them forward. And I also share messages from their true selves. So I act like a channeler or messenger about what their real selves wants me to share with them at that moment in their life. So that’s how we work through different areas that where they have blockages or that are holding them back.

Claudia: So, how important is to put things on a surface level so we can see and work through them?

Jennifer: I can’t stress enough how important that is because so we have our conscious mind, right? and our subconscious mind.  Our conscious mind is five percent or less of who we are and how we operate. And so all our programming, to say like that, it’s almost like a computer game and all the programming language, our subconscious minds, actually, ninety five percent. So that’s almost everything that we are in and where are we coming from. I used to be a psychologist and when most therapies you are working on a conscious level, but it’s like you looking at the top of the iceberg and just looking at that and working with the ice sculpture. Well, everything is below sea level. Below the water. So, underneath the water. So, you know, if you want to make changes, it’s really hard work, if you’re going to change the computer game, if you are in a computer game, right? You want to you need to go back to the coding language and rewind your limiting beliefs, rewrite the programming language. And that’s how you create a new computer game. That’s how you redesign your own reality.

Claudia: You can read all the books and you can do all the online programs. But I think it’s important to work with a therapist

Jennifer: Two things I want to say about that. I used to read every book about, for example, the Law of Attraction and then I went to The Secret. I meditated for eight years. I went to thousands of seminars on personal development and business growth. But I still realize like making slow progress. And I felt like something deeper within me, like something from it, from like when it was zero or like two or three, you know, something from a very long time ago that was holding me back. And I need to dig really, really deep. And I learned it like in those. We talk about the programming language is the biggest chunk of that comes from our age of zero and seven. So it’s really difficult to get there with your conscious mind. You know that you can get far a bit with like meditation, hypnosis or do it yourself, but you really want to have someone who can easily tune in on you and say, you know, this is it.

Though, where most therapists go on emotional level and try to work with that, what I do and maybe also other alternative coaches,  we go deeper on the energetic level and we create shifts there and then automatically because the energetic body is a driving source behind our physical, spiritual, emotional body and so many more bodies that I don’t know the existence of. You go straight to the root and then it’s so incredibly profound and it doesn’t require you to cry it all out. It just shifts to an identity and you will immediately notice that it changes your behaviour because their roots have changed.


Claudia:  We [Human beings] are in constant evolution. How triggers help us go that extra step up?

Well, you know, remember we talked about ego and indifferent to ego versus our true selves. And so ego wants us to stay small and comfortable and not do anything crazy. And these that cause of their anxiety, insecurity and fear and our true self is like sees our bigger picture of our life, knows why we came here and wants us to step into our greatness and like, try. You know. But most people, their ego is like so dominantly in their presence or active in them that their true self. That’s why many people say higher self because it’s almost like your higher self stepped away from you, because there’s almost no space for it, because ego is all around you. Is that truth within you? And so ego is almost like if you look at it as in the sense of evolution, it’s almost a self, because every time your ego gets triggered, it’s a mirror for where you need healing on the inside, though. And when I start to realize that, I find it so more empowering because I used to get really anxious when I felt anxiety or I used to get really like talking myself lower and lower when I guess when I got like, negative self-talk. But now I’m like, wait a minute, this is ego. What is my trigger and what is my weak spot? And so that creates the opportunity to break, to evolve and grow and heal from that space.

Working with a coach

Claudia: If a tennis player wants to become the best tennis player, he hires a coach. In car raising, in any sport, they hire a coach. So if you want to become better, and the fact that we have the internet, it makes it easier to get the right person to work with the right person, someone that you feel good and close. Not everyone is for everybody.

Jennifer: It’s hard to see everything about your own life. If you are having that from the inside perspective of you, you know, if you are in it and someone looks at it from the outside perspective, you can gain so much clarity in such a short amount of time. You don’t have to do it all alone. People who can help me so quickly and it can be so nice to know that one’s for you and supporting you and having that nourishing, loving energy of another human being that has your best interest in her heart. Yeah, I think that’s really a gift for yourself.

Work with Jennifer

You can find Jennifer in our wonderful directory of life, transformational and intuitive coaches. You can book a 15-minute online discovery call to find out how she can help you move forward with your business and clear limiting beliefs that are hindering your growth right now and share intuitive business guidance that is coming through for you.

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